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Project: Award-winning educational website consisting of database of text and photographs, interactive classroom activities and schools' work display area.

Client: London Parks and Gardens Trust, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

London Parks and Gardens Trust wanted to use photographs and material collected by them about the open spaces within four London boroughs to produce an informative, educational and fun website project.

The archived material is accessed in two main ways; first via location, leading to database information and photographs of each park or green space, and secondly via topic-led activities for children. Activities are also accessed via the database, and activity pages highlight similar activities in other parks via cross-links.

Activities were designed to cover online work, classroom work, and things to do when visiting the location. The website was tested and supported in the classroom by a teaching specialist.

This project was awarded an Archives Landmark Award by the Corporation of London's Joint Archive Service.


Interactive activities - include online 'speech bubbles' exercise, zooms, photographic panoramas, reveals and rollovers, maths puzzles and writing frames to take to the park (non-Flash throughout).

'Parkie' avatar - a friendly face to guide children through the website and activities

Archive material database - containing park history, photographs and practical visiting information.

Teachers' area - including curriculum grid, lesson support.

Meet in the park - area for schools to display their work and photographs of trips.

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'Park Explorer' by Footmark Media
'Park Explorer' database entry by Footmark Media
'Park Exporer' activity menu by Footmark Media
'Parke Explorer' zoom activity by Footmark Media
'Park Explorer' drag and drop activity by Footmark Media
'Park Explorer' meet in the park section for schools to submit work and photos by Footmark Media
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